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Viti Meccaniche

16, 23, 28 giugno e 7 luglio - La viticoltura e l'enologia nell'epoca contemporanea.
Con Maurizio Gily e Giovanna Morganti

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Il calendario eventi 2019/2020

Ecco il calendario degli eventi che si svolgeranno presso la sede di Porthos tra ottobre 2019 e aprile 2020

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Manteniamoci giovani - Emidio Pepe, the man and his wine

È disponibile la versione in lingua inglese di Manteniamoci giovani - vita e vino di Emidio Pepe

Manteniamoci giovani - Emidio Pepe, the man and his wine - Porthos Edizioni

– Have you always known that you’d make one of the world’s great reds?
– Yes, it was my idea from the very beginning.

Emidio Pepe is a well-known figure among wine aficionados throughout the world. This book tells the story of a young farmer, born and raised in the hillsides of Abruzzo, who learned how to make wines that talk of the seasons and are full of life, passion and spirituality. Alice Colantonio and Matteo Gallello, our narrators, bring to life the experiences of an extraordinary man who’s fought tooth and nail for everything, and who today defends the unique personality of his wines with the same vigor. To understand them, we tasted 50 years-worth of Montepulciano and 40 of Trebbiano – the intense and seemingly endless vertical tastings bring to a close Emidio’s story. The title of the book comes from one of the catchphrases that Emidio is known for. A response to those who didn’t want to buy his wines, “manteniamoci giovani” sums up all of his personal strength and optimism, wishing them health and youth. Emidio Pepe was born in 1932 in Torano Nuovo. In 1964 he bottled his first Montepulciano, an fifty years later Emidio still has the same enthusiasm and ardor for his creations. He lives in the same house where he was born, surrounded by his beloved vineyards, and continues to work side-by-side his family.

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